Mako Engineering 3D Design & Drafting

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MAKO Engineering

MAKO Engineering specialises in boiler and pressure vessel design, plant layout, weldment design, SolidWorks® library compilation, SolidWorks® piping, reverse engineering, technical training, detail drafting, marine engineering, technical writing and advanced SolidWorks® skills.

Principal & Director, Merry Owen spent 22 years in the Navy as a Marine Engineer, including three and a half years as the Senior Diesel Instructor/Senior Instructor at the Marine Engineering School. After leaving the Navy, Merry was a Project Engineer at a very large fabrication shop, specialising in boilers and pressure vessels. He started using SolidWorks in 1997 (as MAKO Engineering). One of the first projects undertaken with SolidWorks was the re-design of a range of package boilers from 3,000 to 10,000 KW, for Tomlinson Boilers, with each boiler consisting of over 6000 parts. These boiler models were then utilised in a large number of single & multi-boiler installations.

Merry was the first SolidWorks® user in Australia to purchase the piping add-in, and along the way, developed an extensive library of piping models which he subsequently sold to the SolidWorks Corporation (now downloadable from within SolidWorks, via the Design Library/SolidWorks Content/Routing area).

Jack & Merry were working together (just before commencing Quadro Design Pty Ltd) when ‘weldments’ was first introduced by SolidWorks® (we were beta testing the soon to be released SW 2004) and not only adopted it with a passion, but created a very extensive weldment library. After becoming Quadro, this was pursued with a passion, developing a weldment course and writing a training manual.

MAKO Engineering joined with 3D Innovations in 2004 to form Quadro Design Pty Ltd and now carries out all work as Quadro Design.

Quadro Design